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Stone Mountain Highland Games    October 18-October 20

FaerieCon    November 1-November 3

VikingsCon    November 2-November 3

  • positive review Produits de qualité et super service client. Foncez !

    Hugo C. Avatar
    Hugo C.

    I absolutely love my Dragon bracelet. The craftsmanship is superb & it’s so comfortable to wear. Can’t wait to get more!

    Medium Braid Celtic Dragon Bracelet Image

    Medium Braid Celtic Dragon Bracelet

    Kathy W. Avatar
    Kathy W.

    Got my custom sized bronze torc yesterday-it is perfect. Not heavy at all, easy to put on, stays in place, and is just so cool-looking. A perfect accessory to wear with anything. Top quality craftsmanship from the artisans at Crafty Celts.

    Medium Braid Celtic Raven Torc Image

    Medium Braid Celtic Raven Torc

    jeanette.gallagher Avatar
  • positive review Great products. Would be nice if they actually responded to questions. I’ve tried email, FB, and Insta, but have yet to receive a reply. Very frustrating.

    Elyse C. Avatar
    Elyse C.

    positive review I have a wolf belt buckle from Crafty Celts and the work is gorgeous! Excellent Craftsmanship!

    Ben R. Avatar
    Ben R.

    I have one of these in silver and one in bronze. They are so beautiful and for the last few months I have used them exclusively when putting my hair up. They look amazing, are strong and, with a little bit of practice, will hold shoulder length hair up securely all day. I love them.

    Light Hair Fork Image

    Light Hair Fork

    frances.obrien Avatar
  • negative review Our Paket arrived in 2 months delay. We wrote Emails but we did not get any answer. I fand that not customer concentric.
    Melinda Stark

    Eva H. Avatar
    Eva H.

    positive review Purchased the bear comb at the South Allthing this weekend, my cat loves getting scratched with it

    Theia W. Avatar
    Theia W.

    positive review very fine craftsmanship and the best customer service ever truly love their work

    Jeremy L. Avatar
    Jeremy L.
  • Wow, quite stunning indeed! A beautifully wrought and very substantial piece of wearable art. This silver Rollo's horse bracelet is next level cool and my daily wrist wear now. Can't wait to wear it to the Ren-Fest! Thanks!!!

    Rollo's Horse Bracelet Image

    Rollo's Horse Bracelet

    shepard1701 Avatar

    positive review Amazing quality with all of their jewelry and things! I opted for a smaller piece of their works with a hairpin and absolutely love it. Definitely will be buying more soon.

    Shurooq S. Avatar
    Shurooq S.

    positive review amazing craftsmanship from these guys jewellery is top notch , brilliant customer service 10/10 I would highly recommend them you can tell they put full effort into each piece they create I have not took my purchases off since I've had them, brilliant work guys highly appreciated

    Mark L. Avatar
    Mark L.

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