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Ruby Joust

May 25, 2018 - May 27, 2018

How came the lily maid by that good shield Of Lancelot, she that knew not even his name? He left it with her, when he rode to tilt For the great diamond in the diamond jousts, Which Arthur had ordained, and by that name Had named them, since a diamond was the prize…

Long ago our medieval forbearers, the tales of the mighty King Arthur and his valiant and brave knights inspired those Knights and Noble Ladies who attended the tourneys. In this spirit of these tails they would hold round table tournaments during which were elaborate processions in which the tennons and there consorts would dress as characters from the Arthurian legends and hold the field inspired by the deeds of lore.

For Arthur, long before they crowned him King, Roving the trackless realms of Lyonnesse, Had found a glen. For here two brothers, one a king, had met And fought together; but their names were lost: And each had slain his brother at a blow; And he, that once was king, had on a crown Of diamonds, one in front, and four aside…

Thereafter, when a King, he had the gems Plucked from the crown, and showed them to his knights, Saying, ‘These jewels, whereupon I chanced Divinely, are the kingdom’s, not the King’s– For public use: henceforward let there be, Once every year, a joust for one of these: For so by nine years’ proof we needs must learn Which is our mightiest, and ourselves shall grow In use of arms and manhood, till we drive The heathen, who, some say, shall rule the land Hereafter, which God hinder.’ Thus he spoke…

And so it was, in the early days of this Kingdom that inspired by these same legends that the great Gem Joust was created and went on to become one of the greatest tournaments of the realm.


May 25, 2018
May 27, 2018

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