Snake Arm Ring



$180 Single Bronze Arm Ring / $320 Matched Bronze Pair

$400 Single Silver Arm Ring / $750 Matched Silver Pair

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Ouroboros is the name given to the ancient serpent biting its own tail as it devours itself.


Design Details

Our Snake Arm Ring is constructed with a medium braid of wire, and is approximately 5/16 inch (8 mm) thick. It is available in bronze or sterling silver.


Historical Inspiration

Arm rings in the form of a snake have been around probably as long as people have been making and wearing jewelry. They were particularly common in both Egyptian and Greek culture, but became extremely popular during the time of the Roman Empire, and this particular bit of fashion spread to all corners of the empire, being first imported, and then manufactured by native artisans, in places as far flung as Syria and the British isles.

While the snake has taken on a negative meaning in later times, especially in Christianity mythology, in the Classical world the snake was beneficial, and symbolized healing, regeneration and rebirth – the snake could shed its skin and be born anew.

Additional information

Weight 0.234375 lbs
Dimensions 5.375 × 8.625 × 1.625 in
Single/Matched Pair

Matched Pair, Single, Left Arm, Single, Right Arm


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