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$30 Bronze / $75 Silver

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Power, Freedom, Victory in War. The Celts were skilled horsemen and the horse was a powerful symbol of nobility and kingship. Gallop through your day with our Talismanic Horse Pendant! 


Design Details

Available in bronze and sterling silver, this pendant is 1 ¾” by 1 ¼” (44 x 31 mm), and comes with an 18 gold or silver-tone steel chain.


Symbolism of the Horse

Horses have aided humankind, according to some accounts, for over 6,000 years. Once used only for meat, the horse soon became invaluable as a bearer of burdens, tiller of soil, and mount during times of war.

The Celts had an important relationship with horses.  According to legend, the horse was a beast belonging to the Sun god, and it was assigned to its place as a mount for the Goddess Epona.

Additional information

Weight0.04375 lbs
Dimensions5.375 × 8.625 × 1.625 in


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