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This is a to-scale reproduction of the Holcombe Mirror, from the British Museum. This is one of the finest Celtic bronze mirrors ever discovered! The handle on this mirror is unique among those found on Celtic mirrors, as it is not purely abstract design. There is a face, on both sides of the handle, which appears to be an owl when held in the hand, but then becomes a cat if the mirror is hung by its handle from a hook.


Design Details

Our Holcombe Mirror is made the same size as the original, and is 14.5″ tall and 10″ wide (370 x 255 mm).


History of the Holcombe Mirror

In 1967, Devon Archaeological Society heard that a Roman mosaic pavement had been found by a farmer near Uplyme in East Devon, England. The Society started archaeological excavations at the site in 1969 and discovered a Roman villa. In 1970 a volunteer on the dig was excavating a pit found under the floor of one of the rooms in the villa. The pit belonged to a farm or settlement on the same spot the Villa was later built. In the bottom of the pit he found an Iron Age bronze mirror, which was placed there during the first century AD.

You can learn more about the original mirror here.

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