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This Saxon Dragon Torc was inspired by the legendary battle between Beowulf and the Dragon. If you’re a Beowulf fan or simply a fantasy buff, this torc is a must have!


Design Details

Our Saxon Celtic Dragon Torc is constructed with a heavy braid of wire, and is approximately 3/8 inch (10 mm) thick. It is available in bronze set with carnelian, or sterling silver set with amber.


Historical Inspiration

After defeating Grendel and his mother, Beowulf ruled over the Geats peacefully for fifty years. At this time, a slave discovers a cave with a hidden hoard of treasure, and decides to steal a golden cup in order to pay wergild for a murder he has committed. But before he can leave the cave, he awakens a dragon that has been asleep for 300 years! In his terror, he flees from the dragon’s lair, still clutching the cup. The dragon is enraged at the theft, and that night he emerges from his secret cave to lay waste to the surrounding countryside, killing and burning everything he can find, including Beowulf’s home.

Beowulf decides he must slay the dragon. He dons a shirt of mail and a helm, and gathering his thanes, sets out for the dragon’s lair. But upon meeting the dragon in all its firey terror, Beowulf’s thanes run in terror, save only for the loyal warrior Wiglaf. Beowulf attacks the dragon with his sword Naegling, but the dragons’ scales are too strong, and the sword snaps and breaks. The dragon then bites Beowulf on the neck. Wiglaf rushes to his lord’s aid, and stabs the dragon in its vulnerable belly, scorching his hand in the process. However this allows Beowulf to draw a knife from his belt and deliver a fatal blow to the dragon, and the great worm is slain. But the bite to Beowulf’s neck was venomous, and would soon prove to be fatal.

Beowulf knows he is dying, and so he instructs Wiglaf to go down into the lair and retrieve a portion of the dragon’s treasure. He explains that seeing the hoard he has liberated for his people will make his passing easier. When Wiglaf returns with an armload of treasure, Beowulf tells him that he must now look after the Geats in Beowulf’s place. As a final gesture before he dies, Beowulf gives Wiglaf a collar off of his neck.

We would like to think that Beowulf’s collar might have looked like our Saxon Dragon Torc.

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