Druid’s Necklace With Triskele Pendant



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This fanciful design is inspired by the mystery of the Druids, and features oak leaves and a Triskele, both powerful symbols in Celtic culture.


Design Details

Our Druid’s Necklace comes in two versions: a bronze necklace with silver rings and a green agate set in the triskele pendant, and completely silver necklace with amber set in the pendant.


Historical Inspiration

In Celtic mythology, the Triskele, or triple spiral, symbolizes the cycle of life and the oak symbolizes wisdom. In many Celtic stories, it was in sacred groves of oaks that the Druids would gather for ceremonies and rituals. Indeed, the word Druid, a title given to learned men and women of Celtic society, meant “one with knowledge of the oak” because it was thought that he who possessed knowledge of the oak possessed knowledge of many things, and was thus wise indeed! We pulled from these various myths to create this beautiful Druid Necklace.

Additional information

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