Celtic Boar



Buckle – $60 Bronze / $240 Silver

Keeper – $35 Bronze / $90 Silver

Tip – $35 Bronze / $90 Silver

3 Piece Set (belt not included) – $120 Bronze / $400 Silver



Inspired by the courage associated with boars in Celtic mythology, we created a pair of fearsome snarling boar heads for the buckle and belt tips. We hope these pieces provide their wearers with  courage and fearlessness.


Design Details

Our Boar Belt Buckle, Boar Belt Tip, and Reversible Belt Keeper are designed for a 1.5 ” (38 mm) belt. Each of the pieces are available for purchase individually or can be purchased as a set. Complete your set with a leather belt:a Viking Rune belt, a Celtic Knotwork Belt, and a Celtic Spirals Belt.

Additional information

Dimensions5.375 × 8.625 × 1.625 in


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