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Dark Crystal Torcs and Bracelets

The torc (also spelled torque) is a metal ring worn on the neck, arm or wrist, although the term ’torc’ is usually understood to mean a neck ring. Torcs were worn by both men and women, and were historically a symbol of power and status, a visual indication of its wearer’s rank in society.


Making torcs is what we became known for early on. We started making our torcs almost 3 decades ago, at a time when they were not widely available. Over the years we expanded into arm rings and bracelets, with an ever-increaseing variety and selection. We are now probably best known for our bracelets, which were featured prominently in the hit History Channel show Vikings.


(Click here to see the jewelry we made for Vikings)


We are very excited to expand our torc, arm ring and bracelet collections into the Dark Crystal universe! And yes, there will be Dark Crystal bracelets and arm rings featuring Mystics and Skeksis heads, just as soon as we can get the artwork done!