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Dark Crystal Jewelry

My poor World of Dark Crystal book! I have loved it so much that it is literally falling apart. This book has been a constant companion and source of inspiration since Christmas of 1982.

I was 15 that year, and my family traveled up to Philadelphia to spend our Christmas break with my aunt, uncle and cousins. This really fantastic looking movie called The Dark Crystal was coming out, and I was very excited about it! So my mom and aunt took me and my sister to see it, about a week after it premiered. The movie theater was a converted opera house, and was absolutely the grandest building I had ever been in. Down south we don’t have movie theaters like that, and it very much set the stage for seeing what was probably the most influential movie of my young life!

My mother surprised me with this book as a Christmas present! I spent the rest of my Christmas break poring over it, and I have never stopped referring back to it, for a window into a world of artistic perfection. And now, almost 40 years later, I have the opportunity to bring these designs to life.

– Danny Hansen