Raven Fibula
Raven Fibula & Chain Set


Fibula Brooches have been used as clothing fasteners throughout history. They were especially popular with the Celts, but were also used by the Greeks, Romans, Saxons, and Vikings, to name a few. The earliest examples are found in the Mediterranean and Middle East, and date from 800 BC and earlier. Their use continues today, in the form of the modern safety pin.

Fibulas were often worn in pairs to secure a dress or cape at the shoulders, often connected by a chain. A single fibulas can also be used to secure a wrap or shawl at one shoulder, or decoratively on a jacket or sweater, or at the bottom of a kilt.

Our fibulas are sturdy, but they are not designed for extra heavy garments. They feature a handmade spring pin which is quite strong, and will not open accidentally.