Snake Armring

Arm Rings

Arm rings were an important piece of jewelry in many cultures, including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian cultures. Indeed, in both the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian languages, the term "ring-giver' essentially means king or chieftain, and refers to their generosity in giving out arm or neck rings in reward for loyalty or heroic deeds. In the epic poem Beowulf. Hrothgar, the king of the Danes and a wise and aged ruler, is a ring-giver. Hrothgar commands his men to construct a great meadhall, larger than any built before, and names it Heorot. After Heorot is built, Hrothgar “did not forget his promise: at the feast he gave out rings, treasure” to reward the men who worked to construct it.

Throughout history, arm rings have been worn by men and women alike, singly, in pairs, or multiple rings on each arm. They can be worn on the forearm or on the upper arm.

When ordering an arm ring, give us a measurement of where you would like to wear your arm ring and we will make it specially for you.