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Oak Leaf Torc in bronze

Oak Leaf Torc

In Celtic mythology, it is said that the first tree was an Oak, known by the name of Bile, from which two acorns fell to the ground. These seeds rooted deep within the Earth and gave birth to the God Dagda and the Goddess Brighid...both famed for their patience and goodness.

The Oak was long considered by the wise to be a guardian which opened doorways to self-spirituality and granted the strength to progress onward which, in time, drew the individual closer to the self. The Oak provided the courage to overcome any obstacles which had to be resolved during the travels of an individual and, in time perhaps, to learn the ways of the wise.

Our Oak Leaf torc is constructed with a medium braid of wire, and is approximately 5/16 inch (8 mm) thick. Available in bronze or sterling silver.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of our items, orders may take 4-6 weeks to deliver. Please be patient. You are going to love it when it arrives!

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