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Midgard Serpent Necklace
Midgard Serpent Pendant

Midgard Serpent Pendant

In Norse Mythology, Jörmungandr was the second child of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboða, and took the form of a mighty sea monster. Odin took Jörmungandr and threw the creature into the ocean. There he grew until he was so large he was able to encircle the earth. He came to be known as the Midgard Serpent.

At the end of the world, known as Ragnarök, Jörmungandr is prophesied to battle Odin's son, Thor, who will furiously fight the serpent and defeat it. But Thor will succumb to Jörmungandr's poisonous bite, and will only be able to take nine steps before collapsing. After this, people will flee their homes, the sun will become black while the earth sinks into the sea, the stars will vanish, steam will rise, and flames will touch the heavens.

Available in Bronze and Sterling Silver. 2.5 inches (62 mm) tall by 1.25 (33 mm) wide.

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