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My how we have grown! Once upon a time we were but two youngsters, selling simple cloak brooches from a blanket on the ground at small SCA events, and calling ourselves "The Celtic Brooch maker". Now we are two families of artisans, producing a wide variety of beautiful things. We supply historically correct jewelry for the SCA and other historical reenactors, adorn the merry revelers at Renaissance festivals, accentuate the costumes of the fans at fantasy conventions, and even tempt the penny-wise Scots at the Highland games.

Danny & Sherry Hansen
Danny & Sherry Hansen

HOW IT ALL STARTED by Danny Hansen
It all started when I joined the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronisms, a group dedicated to the study and recreation of the Middle Ages, and was introduced to Celtic Art. I was intrigued by the intricate perfection and mysterious grammar of this unspoken language. But this newly awakened, self-styled Celt needed raiment for his persona in the SCA, and one of the most important items of fashion for a Celt is a suitable cloak brooch. But where to find one? There were none to be had. The obvious solution was to make one, and so I went to take an introductory course in jewelry making, and a new passion was born. I had always been at odds with previous art instructors; fantasy illustration and abstract expressionism having little common ground. The introduction to this new craft, where philosophy and meaning took a distant back seat to form and function, was liberating! As I was soon to discover, I was truly an artisan at heart, and it was a simple transition to start making jewelry for sale. I enjoyed the challenge of making things meant to be functional, of perfecting a design through repetition, of trying to make something that someone would want to own.

It was around this time that I met Sherry, and a short two years later we were married. She shared in my excitement, bringing lunch and watching me work for hours after the class had let out. She began making jewelry as well, and has had as much to do with the creation of the Crafty Celts as I. Ever since we met, we have been working together, building, creating, and what you see before you is the product of the last twenty years of our life.

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